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Introduction to Business Analytics & Visualization with Power BI

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Virtual Bootcamp
28 September 2021
09:00 - 17:00 EDT
Course Prerequisites
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As enterprises continue to gather and collect oceans of structured and unstructured data given extremely cheap data storage options, there is a critical responsibility of business decision makers to draw intelligent insights from these vast data stores to create and sustain competitive edges. By working with business intelligence tools, professionals are able to seamlessly slice and analyze data without having to invest enormous amounts of time learning programming languages such as Python and R to do such work.

In this one-day workshop participants will learn how to execute key business intelligence and visualization tasks via Microsoft’s Power BI software. Power BI is a software solution that Gartner's Magic Quadrant has highlighted as a leader in analytics and business intelligence platforms for the last twelve years.

Students will gain experience importing business data into Microsoft Power BI, exploring interactive data visualizations, creating valuable dashboards and reports, and using meaningful insights from Power BI to enhance decision-making. This course includes a hands-on project at the end to tie all course concepts together.

Attendees must use a PC in this class. Power BI does not support Macs! Mac users can either install Parallels and run Power BI or set up a virtual machine in the cloud and install Power BI through the virtual machine.


Overview of Business Analytics and Data Visualization

Obtain foundational business intelligence, analytics, and data visualization concepts

Microsoft Power BI Fundamentals

Learn core Microsoft Power BI functionality to set themselves up to become power users

Problem Solving Strategies

Practice solving complex data problems involving turning dirty data into clean data for Power BI to process and analyze

Hands-On Experience

Work in a structured learning environment where you will import, explore, and analyze real-world business data

Engaging Training Environment

Interact closely with Cognitir’s instructors who have highly relevant real-world business and technical experiences across major industry segments

Support Beyond the Classroom

Receive course notes, a certificate of completion, instructions on how to add the course to their LinkedIn profiles, and post-seminar email support


This course is relevant for professionals who want to learn how to use the world’s leading data analytics and business intelligence software to turn data into strategic assets.

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What Past Cognitir Participants Say

"Easy to jump in with little to no knowledge of topic, learned a lot."
– Andrew K.
"The training was great!"
– Amit S.
"Instructor was extremely helpful and patient."
– Grace M.
"Very informative & accessible; helpful for executing my research."
– Margaret S.

Course Specific Questions

Do I need experience with computer programming or business analytics prior to taking this course?

No. This course is introductory and no prior knowledge of business intelligence, big data, data analytics, or visualization is necessary for this workshop. Also, no experience with data visualization software is necessary too.

Do I need to buy a license to use Microsoft Power BI?

No! The Desktop version is completely free!

Why Power BI and not one of the other business intelligence platforms?

Gartner, a world leading research firm, has ranked Microsoft's Power BI solution as the undisputed leader in business intelligence for the last twelve years. Furthermore, since Microsoft products dominate the corporate world, it is no surprise that Power BI is a leading business intelligence software as the solution complements other Office products.

Do I need to install any software prior to the course?

Yes, Microsoft Power BI Desktop version.

Do I have the right laptop for the course?

You need to use a PC or a Mac with Parallels installed. You can also run a virtual machine with Power BI installed. YOU CANNOT RUN POWER BI ON A MAC! MICROSOFT DOES NOT SUPPORT MACS!

Visit our FAQs to see commonly asked questions from participants.

Download Syllabus

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