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Cognitorials (New!)

A collection of thousands of "How To" videos developed by practitioners in your fields showing you how to complete common work tasks and problems.

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Sample Cognitorials

Excel for Data Analytics - Using X Lookup to find customer data in a data table. Download corresponding .xlsx file here.

SQL for Data Analytics - Calculating benchmarks using window functions. The full Cognitorial experience will include database access.

The Benefits of Cognitorials


Built by Practitioners

Cognitorials are built by practitioners in your field solving the same problems you are facing.



Cognitir ensures all content is high-quality, accurate, and explained efficiently (on average, videos are less than 15 minutes each).


Cutting Edge

New cognitorials will always be added to the platform as technologies and software are constantly evolving.


Downloadable Starter Files

All files used in Cognitorials can be downloaded as templates for your own tasks.


Why would I use Cognitorials instead of just searching YouTube, reading Stackoverflow posts, or using blog posts?

YouTube and blog content are not quality-controlled, explained in engaging ways, and don’t usually provide starter files. Furthermore, Stackoverflow is designed for highly technical audiences with years of experience while Cognitorials are designed specifically for business and finance audiences.