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A one-day workshop explaining today's most popular technologies and how they work

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Technology is disrupting every single industry from brick and mortar retail to metals and mining and is becoming a critical driver of competitive advantage creation. Companies who adapt and innovate will sustain while others that choose to not or adapt too slowly will die. It is critical that business and finance professionals have a solid understanding of how today's key technologies work so that they can have more meaningful conversations with their technical teams.

This course is not a programming-based course and instead covers what today's relevant technologies are and how they work. Attendees will leave with a deep understanding of the "what" and "how". Armed with this knowledge, they can approach traditional business and finance problems with a technological eye and create and sustain competitive advantages.

A computer is not necessary for the training although can be used to access workshop slides.

Course Duration
1 Day
Course Prerequisites


Understanding of The Technological Landscape

An overview of today's key technologies and how they work

Problem Solving Strategies

Understanding of how technology can be used to solve challenging finance and business problems

Exposure to Technical Language

Understanding of what certain technical jargon means with the aim of helping participants have more meaningful conversations with technical teams

Support Beyond the Classroom

All Cognitir participants receive course notes, a certificate of completion, instructions on how to add the course to their LinkedIn profiles, and post-seminar email support


This class is relevant for professionals who do not have strong foundations in technology. Generally, participants tend to be more senior in their careers.

No prior programming experience required.

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What Past Cognitir Participants Say

"Easy to jump in with little to no knowledge of topic, learned a lot."
– Andrew K.
"The training was great!"
– Amit S.
"Instructor was extremely helpful and patient."
– Grace M.
"Very informative & accessible; helpful for executing my research."
– Margaret S.

Course Specific Questions

Do I need experience with databases and/or computer programming to join this course?

No, you do not need any prior experience with databases or experience programming to take this course. This is not a programming-based course.

How is this course different from Data Science for Managers?

This course is not just focused on data science. Other topics include how computers and the internet work, cybersecurity, software, etc.

Do I have the right laptop for this course?

You don't need a laptop for this course. It may help to bring one to view the course notes, but there are no programming exercises as this is not a programming-based course.

Do I need to install software prior to the class?

Installing Adobe Reader or another PDF reader may be helpful to access the course notes.

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Download Syllabus

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