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Introduction to Data Cleaning in Python

An interactive one-day workshop on data cleaning and exploration for business and finance professionals.

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Most of the data available to organizations globally are highly unstructured and require refinement. As a consequence, preparing and cleaning data are vital steps in the data science process towards producing timely and insightful models. Traditionally, and prior to the emergence of "big data", information stores have presented clean and analyzable formats in the form of tables and rows. As data are now sourced from untraditional means across an array of gathering points, including text, audio, and social media, information will not be as neatly packaged as before, burdening end users with missing values, incomplete information, and abnormalities.

By taking this course, attendees will learn how to address some of the most common challenges relating to preparing and cleaning data for complex analytical tasks within the business and finance domains. Students will also be exposed to Python’s popular tools and packages that focus on visually exploring and cleaning real-world datasets. Upon completion of this course, students will understand the importance and time commitment associated with data preparation, and will be able to take Cognitir’s philosophy on data cleaning and exploration back to the job to conduct effective real-world data science projects.

Attendees can use either a Mac or Windows computer for this class.

Please note that basic Python programming skills are required for this course. Cognitir will provide an outline of required skills and recommend a free, online Python course to participants if no prior skills are existent.

Course Duration
1 Day
Course Prerequisites
Introduction to Python or Introduction to Data Science


Introduction to Python’s Data Exploration Libraries

Attendees will be exposed to some of the most popular data cleaning and data exploration packages within the Python ecosystem such as pandas, numpy, and matplotlib.

Data Science Process Overview

During the beginning of the course, students will learn about the core phases of the data science process, along with why data cleaning and data preparation are so critical.

Practical Hands-On Application

Participants will have a chance to apply what they learned in a hands-on data cleaning project towards the end of the day.

Engaging Training Environment

Attendees will be able to interact closely with and communicate with Cognitir’s instructors who have highly relevant real-world business and technical experience across major industry segments.

Support Beyond the Classroom

All attendees will receive post-seminar email support along with a certificate of completion and instructions on how to add the course to their LinkedIn profiles and/or resumes.


This course is relevant for all professionals who want to gain a hands-on introduction to data visualization and cleaning which are both required for effective data analytics.

You must have taken an introductory Python programming course or possess equivalent skills before attending this workshop.

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What Past Cognitir Participants Say

"Easy to jump in with little to no knowledge of topic, learned a lot."
– Andrew K.
"The training was great!"
– Amit S.
"Instructor was extremely helpful and patient."
– Grace M.
"Very informative & accessible; helpful for executing my research."
– Margaret S.

Course Specific Questions

Do I need any prior experience using Python or Data Science prior to taking this course?

In order to successfully complete this workshop, you do need to have basic knowledge of the Python programming language. Please look at our Introduction to Python course as a baseline for relevant knowledge required for the Data Cleaning in Python class. Cognitir will also recommend a free, online Python course to participants for this course which needs to be completed if no equivalent skills are existent.

How is this course different from other Cognitir courses such as Introduction to Data Science?

Introduction to Data Science focuses on a broad range of topics including machine learning, classification, and popular data science methodologies. This data cleaning course is purely concentrated on teaching the fundamentals of data cleaning and exploration.

Is this course geared toward professionals working within a specific industry?

No. Data cleaning using Python is highly useful for professionals from all industries, especially those working with large amounts of complex and alternative sources of data.

Do I have the right laptop for the course?

You will need a PC (Windows Vista or newer), Mac (OS X 10.7 or newer), or Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat and others; CentOS 5+).

Do I need to install any software prior to the course?

Yes, you will need to download and install free Python software on your laptop. In case you are planning on using a company laptop, please make sure that you have the necessary rights to install the tools. We will send out detailed information on the download and installation procedures a few days before the course starts.

Visit our FAQs to see commonly asked questions from participants.

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