Hands-on Classes

Many of our classes use relevant, computer-based exercises to help students apply theory to practice. Students get to write and take home their own code.

Proven Methodology

Our intense courses follow proven teaching structures to help students reinforce key concepts and give them the skills they need in 1-2 days as opposed to 6-10 weeks.

Extensive Teaching and Practical Experiences

Cognitir instructors are first and foremost teachers. They understand how to create excellent courses and effectively articulate complicated concepts to non-technical course participants. Also, Cognitir instructors have practical experience in applying data science and web development concepts in the real-world. Instructors often share past vignettes to help break down complicated concepts for students.

Post Seminar Support

Every participant has access to post-seminar email support for several months after the seminar.

Attractive Course Pricing

Past seminar participants have told us that they felt our courses were a great value for money. They also informed us that our prices are extremely attractive compared to other data science training providers.

Focus On Non-Technical Professionals

While there are a plethora of general data science training providers to choose from, our introductory data science and web development courses focus on non-technical professionals. Cognitir has been able to build deep expertise in this training area which has resulted in superior courses and excellent execution.

Energy & Passion for the Material

The one thing all Cognitir instructors share is a passion for data science and web development. All instructors can speak to the power of both given their practical experiences, and this energy and passion is evident during the seminars. We have found that this energy and passion is contagious and helps motivate participants to continue learning despite working for hours on end in our courses. This generally leads to more favorable learning outcomes.


If you are a university or corporation, we come to you to deliver the training! This is particularly beneficial as schedules and participant lists often change a great deal from initial conversations to the first day of the seminar.