These are the most common questions received from prospective course participants.

What is data and what is big data?

What is data science?

Who should learn data science?

Why do business professionals need to learn data science?

How Can Data Science Help Me?

Why can't I just use data science software for all data analysis needs instead of learning the skills?

Is data science training really worth the cost?

I am interested in learning data science, but I don't have a budget to invest in expensive data science technologies, what should I do?

Which industries use data science?

Why should business and other non-technical professionals learn computer programming?

Why is Python a great tool for learning data science?

What are the prerequisites for Cognitir training courses?

Why can't I just learn data science and web development through cheaper or free online providers such as Coursera and Codecademy?

How do we know that big data is not just a trend and that these skills will be useful in the future?

How can I install Python?

Why should I learn how to build websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript instead of using free website creation tools such as WordPress or paying a web developer to build the website for me?