Data Science for Managers

Building a Data-Driven Organization

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Analytics research published by Aberdeen Group highlighted that data-driven organizations experience a 27% year-over-year increase in revenue, compared to 7-percent for organizations that are not data-driven.

In order for organizations to become data-driven, the support needs to come from the highest levels and penetrate all the way down the organization. Being data-driven is part of an organization's essence and can be developed and supported with proper strategic and organizational implementations. This course provides a deep dive into managerial problem solving, investing in data assets including infrastructure and technical teams, developing and retaining technical teams, and necessary strategic and organizational changes that organizations must implement to become data-driven.

Attendees may use a PC or Mac to access slides and other resources we provide for the course.

CFA Society Los Angeles
15 June 2019
09:00AM - 05:00PM
Course Prerequisites


Problem Solving Strategies

Understanding of popular managerial problem solving techniques and root cause analysis

Transformation "Checklist"

Discussion of strategic and organizational changes needed to create a data-driven corporate culture

Deep Dive into Data-Driven Culture Specifics

Understanding of data-driven cultures and how they specifically differ from cultures of "traditional organizations"

Frameworks for Evaluating Investments in Data

Understanding the capital requirements of data-driven organizations including investing in data collection infrastructure and technical talent

Collaborative Exercises

Participants will have opportunities to discuss current data science topics with other attendees & their Cognitir instructor and brainstorm practical strategies to improve decision making

Support Beyond the Classroom

All Cognitir participants receive course notes, a certificate of completion, instructions on how to add the course to their LinkedIn profiles, and post-seminar email support


This course is relevant for executives and managers who supervise teams that execute data analytics and business intelligence projects. Other junior and senior business professionals who want to better understand how data science can supercharge corporate analytics will also benefit from taking this course.

No prior experience with data science, big data, or machine learning required.

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Course Specific Questions

How is this course different from Introduction to Data Science?

This course focuses on how managers and executives can use data science to create strategic value. It does not involve computer programming. Introduction to Data Science is more hands-on in terms of building computer code to execute data science tasks.

How is this course different from Data Science For Managers - Applications, Visualization, and Storytelling?

This course focuses on aspects of the organization that need to be changed or developed in order for it to become data-driven while Data Science for Managers - Applications, Visualization, and Storytelling focuses more on getting managers and executives to recognize the power of data science. Both courses complement each other well and can be taken in sequence.

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